Sonne pendant lamp

The setting sun over your table.

3100 CZK

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The Sonne reminds the setting sun. Warm diffused light passing through a shade of clean wood shavings creates a pleasant, cozy atmosphere in your apartment.

A hemispherical lampshade is downwards open, providing plenty of light above the dining table as well as the main central room lighting.

Every piece is a handmade original with a unique structure.

The luminaire is supplied with a white braided fabric cable and a standard socket.

Other cable lengths and colors are available on request.

  • Diameter: 50 cm
  • Height: 25 cm
  • Cable length: 1.6 m
Light source:
  • E27 socket, max. 20 W
  • dimmable
  • not included

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Akjalab originated from the desire to participate in the productinon process. In my work as an architect materials are important, but I usually design and describe them only through a computer and it takes years till they materialize into a house. I missed the opportunity to form materials directly, to experiment with them, to play and to see the result immediately.

All products combine pure simple aesthetics that shows the beauty of natural materials. The luminaires fit into contemporary interiors and have the finesse and poetics that can enrich every room.


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